Mantel Digital AG

Engineering - Digital Printing Technology

Official Epson OEM Printhead Partner

Founded 75 years ago, Mantel Digital AG is run by the third generation of family owner today.
Long-term experience and our innovative technologies allow us to offer a wide range of products of industrial and advertising printers.
In addition to selling large-format printer brands, we also manufacture customized printing systems.

Mantel Digital DataPrint Technology


for different types of inks and applications

High Resolution (up to DPI 2880 x 2880)
Max. effective work area (mm) 1100x750 / 1100x1200 / 1605x1200 / 2020x1190
Media thickness 0,2 mm to 40mm

DataPrintAlu Technology

Printing into open pored anodized aluminum
1. Base material, open pored anodized aluminum.
2. Up to 32x layerprint to fill completely the open pores with ink in the anodized Aluminum.
3. Sealing of the Aluminum plate in hot water, to close the pores
Chemical resistance / Abrasion-proof /Anti-graffiti / High UV resistance / Fire resistance / Scratch resistance


DataPrintAlu printing colorless inks

New printing application for DATAPRINT in the field of exterior design.
The process allows to obtain a wide color gamut of the main coating with a schematic colorless image with high UV-light resistance.

DataScreen Technology

Computer to Screen

Cost efficient.
No film needed anymore.

DataPrintLab Technology

Multifunctional printer
Print head unit (modular plate) including ink system can be changed within 15 minutes
The flexibility allows to develop new applications and to do testing more time and cost efficient.

DataPrintTextil Technology direct to garment printing

High quality
Exclusive clothing