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High-Speed Single Pass system

The DIGI 7 is optimal print solution in high production speed

By using the DIGI 7, small as well as middle and big production series can be printed.

The printer is modular build and the marked specifications can be adjusted to customer’s wishes


Inks for marking securities, money, brand products

Quantum dot ink!

Photostable / Lightness resistant / Fluoresce from UV to UR / Provide excellent color purity / Resistant to chemical degradation /



The new BROTHER GTX textile printer is now available !

Unlimited color options and design reproduction
Efficient short runs and one offs
Quick and easy reprints
Faster output and response to market trends
Seamless printing over zippers and other difficult garments
Reduced labor and training requirements
Easier set up and smaller space requirements


Inkjet printing system for digital multicolor printing

Quality products in engineering, aircraft building, automotive industry, architecture, design, medicine, watch industry, chemical industry, etc

- Ink system: open ink system, different inks available, depending on the application

- Media: Because of the flexibility of the inks, a large number of material can be used for printing

- The vacuum table which is adjustable up to a height of 250 mm.

- Resolution up to 1440 dpi

- Maximum print size of 1620mm x 2500mm

Mimaki UCJV-Series

The UCJV Series is a versatile inkjet printer family, having a combined function of both printing and cutting mounted with UV-curable

Print speeds up to 25.8m2/h

Newly developed environmentally friendly UV ink, [LUS-170] and [LUS-175]
Maximum resolution of 1200dpi
Productive cutting functions. A new function, [ID Cut] will highly improve the work efficiency
Upgraded RIP software; RasterLink6Plus
4 layers print (with the UCJV300-160 only)

Create... Outdoor Signage, Posters, Illumination signboard (with the UCJV300-160 only), Banners & flags, Swing P.O.P. (PET film), Labels, Wallpaper


Direct Inkjet Garment Printer.

This model is highly effective: CMYK and white prints can be done in one production step.

- 6- 8 Print Heads

- 600 dpi; 1200 dpi

- Single or double for CMYK; Underbase and highlight for white

- Water based pigment ink

Natgraph 130 UV-bridge with two lamps

- UV dryers

- Width 115 cm.