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Founded 75 years ago, Mantel Digital AG is run by the third generation of family owner today. Long-term experience and our innovative technologies allow us to offer a wide range of products of industrial and advertising printers. In addition to selling large-format printer brands, we also manufacture customized printing systems.

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UV LED digital printing on cylindrical objects

• Multilayer full color print
• Very fast with vivid colors
• Print directly on metal, glass, wood, plastic, etc.
• High-efficiency UV-LED technology
• 360° seamless print on the entire surface



New printing application DATAPRINT in the field of exterior design.

The process consists of printing colorless inks in the pores of anodized aluminum, followed by immersion in a bath with dissolved organic dyes of the desired color.
The process allows to obtain a wide color gamut of the main coating with a schematic colorless image with high UV-light resistance.

High resoltution images up to 2880 DPI.


DataScreen high precision computer to screen system

- Resolution up to 2880 x 2880 dpi

- Effective working surfaces from 450 x 780 mm to max. 2250 x 2990 mm.

- Water-based ink /Special light-impervious, water-based ink is applied to the pre-coated fabric using a piezo printing unit which can generate different drop sizes.


The UCJV Series. All-round UV printer/cutter

Outdoor Signage, Posters, Illumination signboard (with the UCJV300-160 only), Banners & flags, Swing P.O.P. (PET film), Labels, Wallpaper

- Print speeds up to 25.8m2/h

- Newly developed environmentally friendly UV ink, [LUS-170] and [LUS-175]

- Maximum resolution of 1200dpi

- Productive cutting functions. A new function, [ID Cut] will highly improve the work efficiency