Mantel Digital AG

Engineering - Digital Printing - Screen Printing

Founded 75 years ago, Mantel Digital AG is run by the third generation of family owner today.
Long-term experience and our innovative technologies allow us to offer a wide range of products of industrial and advertising printers.
In addition to selling large-format printer brands, we also manufacture customized printing systems.
photoshop Dataprint


Digital printing into anodised aluminium

- Durable, even in outdoor applications

- Light and colour fast

- Abrasion proof – will not scratch

- Resistant to solvents and chemicals

- Anti-graffiti proof – just cleans off

- Resistant to atmospheric / weather corrosion

- 100% recyclable

- Best weather resistance according to SN EN ISO 105-B04 (EMPA test report 441567)


DataScreen high precision computer to screen system

DataScreenTM allows stencils to be produced from data rapidly and economically

- No need for reprofilms, film edition or retouching work

- Resolution up to 2880 x 2880 dpi

- Effective working surfaces from 450 x 780 mm to max. 2250 x 2990 mm.

- Water-based ink /Special light-impervious, water-based ink is applied to the pre-coated fabric using a piezo printing unit which can generate different drop sizes.



High-Speed Single Pass system

- The DIGI 7 is optimal print solution in high production speed.

- By using the DIGI 7, small as well as middle and big production series can be printed.

- The printer is modular build and the marked specifications can be adjusted to customer’s wishes

Mimaki UCJV-Series

The UCJV Series. All-round UV printer/cutter

Outdoor Signage, Posters, Illumination signboard (with the UCJV300-160 only), Banners & flags, Swing P.O.P. (PET film), Labels, Wallpaper

- Print speeds up to 25.8m2/h

- Newly developed environmentally friendly UV ink, [LUS-170] and [LUS-175]

- Maximum resolution of 1200dpi

- Productive cutting functions. A new function, [ID Cut] will highly improve the work efficiency

- 4 layers print (with the UCJV300-160 only)


Inks for marking securities, money, brand products
Quantum dot ink!
Photostable / Lightness resistant / Fluoresce from UV to UR / Provide excellent color purity / Resistant to chemical degradation /