ESTAL Congress 2017 – The Voice of Aluminium Finishing

21 -22 september 2017

The Mission of ESTAL is to defend and promote the interests of its members at an international level, to actively contribute towards finding solutions to technical, economic and ecological issues associated with the production and utilisation of surface treated aluminium and to encourage the sharing of knowledge and the development of new technologies among its members.

Jon-Andri Mantel will present new technology and concept DataPrint- digital multicolorprinting on anodised panels


5 - 7 October 2017, Istanbul Expo Center

5th International Aluminium Technology, Machinery and Products Trade Fair.


High-Precision Inkjet Printer for Printing into Anodized Aluminium

2017 SGIA Expo in New Orleans

Annual Expo of Speciality Graphic Imaging Association 2017


Prints screen print stencils directly from computer data – this dramatically reduces time, equipment and errors for screen printing professionals.