Frame and Stringing

It is essential that the adhesive permeates properly otherwise the mesh won’t stick!

Tensioning and frame service

Using our expertise, we produce durable aluminium frames for your screen printers. We attach great importance to a precise approach and high-quality products.

Our trained professionals cover frames using high-modulus mesh (polyester mesh), stainless steel, V2A mesh and filter mesh. The frames are produced using solvent-resistant glue. We can also produce frames for the electronics industry. We are experienced in covering frames with any mesh grade, tension and angle, and will customise the frame to your requirements. Please note: the maximum size we cover is 200 x 350 cm.
Send our Service team your screens and stencils which you don’t need any more and we’ll professionally remove the stencils, clean and degrease the screens and make them ready so they’re in perfect working order for your next print job.

Filter technology

We have over 30 years’ experience when it comes to tensioning screen-printing frames. And thanks to our wide-ranging customer base, we’ve developed many applications beyond traditional screen printing. Mantel Digital AG manufactures filter frames for the medical and aerospace industries, among others – including for the latest applications!