Brother GT-381
October 9, 2015
October 14, 2015
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Printing whether on hard or soft materials

The HELIOS has been manufactured for several years and can be equipped with special supporting tables. This hybrid printer is designed for flexible materials and hard materials up to 90 Kg.

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Print table


1,6 (Hybrid) 1,6 (Hybrid) Light
Print heads and color scheme X7 Konica Minolta 1024 X7 Konica Minolta 512
Konica Minolta print head is known as proven quality standard.
1024 nozzles in each head double print speed keeping a high level of quality

Varnish as option

Number of UV-curing Units X2 UV-LED curing unit by DPS Innovations

Developed by DPS Innovations ink curing units operate up to 10,000 hours
and are ready to work immediately after printer starts

Drop size 14pl
Media thickness Up to 200 mm
Media weight Up to 90 Kg
Body paint Teflon

Teflon coating printer body protects it from exposure to chemical irritants, mechanical damage,
maintaining a quality look throughout the period of operation.

Additional functions Hybrid printer
 Hybrid design allows printing not only on flexible materials, but
on a solid rigid materials as well, like panels, tiles and others.
Print speed
Fast 40 sq.m/hour 16 sq.m/hour
Production 27 sq.m/hour 9 sq.m/hour
Top quality 15 sq.m/hour 4 sq.m/hour
RIP (not included in price) Caldera Grand RIP Caldera Copy RIP
Price For the best prise find your dealer or contact managers
Type of UV-curing Ink IQ KM UV-LED Ink