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March 11, 2016
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«Streamline® ULTIMA»

Alternative inks for the Mimaki CJV and JV Series




Streamline Ultima HPQ LO ECO-Solvent Inkjet inks match in color and quality the Mimaki SS21 inks, which are in the Mimaki  JV33, JV150 and JV300.

ULTIMA HPQ LO Ink Jet inks are fully miscible with Mimaki SS21 inks, allowing the existing color profiles to continue to be used.

Simply insert our cartridges and continue to print! Economical and with high quality!

Ultima HPQ LO inks are available in CMYK in 440 ml cartridges or in 1 liter bottles.


Properties of the Streamline Ultima HPQ LO:
• less smell than Mimaki SS1 inks
• Higher print quality
• 6 colors (CMYK, LC, LM)
• Long printing times without cleaning the printheads possible