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  • MAGLEV_new_1_1


    High speed professional printer

    Magnetic drive technology

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  • vf-1

    Automatic vacuum forming machine


    3D forming technology is a new  revolutionary solution for modeling, designing and visualizing of the most incredible ideas.

    Format : A3/A4.

    Different flexible inks.

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    Different media on request

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  • CJV150-160-front-in-action

    Mimaki CJV150-160

    The series of printer and cutter combined

    Efficient and high quality in one. Signages and prints for cars are no problem with a 1610mm printing width.


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  • UCJV300_angle_shadow_woman1

    Mimaki UCJV Series

    Leading the Future of Sign Graphics through UV Innovation

    The UCJV Series is a versatile inkjet printer family, having a combined function of both printing and cutting mounted with UV-curable ink.

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  • JFX200-2513-front

    Mimaki JFX200-2513

    The machine for the tough job

    The fast and worth the money UV-LED printer is the youngest member of the Mimaki UV-LED flatbed printer family. Suits perfect for large format signs, POS material, graphics and even Back-lits.



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  • JV150-side-with-media

    Mimaki JV150-130

    The POS print specialist

    The JV150 series offers advertising, POS and printing  professionals two strong machines in a fantastic money value relation. The small with a width of 1361mm.


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  • Evolution-1600-side


    Printing whether on hard or soft materials

    The HELIOS has been manufactured for several years and can be equipped with special supporting tables. This hybrid printer is designed for flexible materials and hard materials up to 90 Kg.

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  • JV150-side-with-media

    Mimaki JV150-160

    The POS print specialist

    The large edition of the JV150 series with a width of  1610mm. Ideal für advertising engieers, POS and print professionals.


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  • CJV150-130-front-in-action

    Mimaki CJV150-130

    The series of printer and cutter combined

    Large signs and POS-material are no problem for the CJV-150-130 with a printing width of 1,3m.


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  • CJV150-107-front-in-action

    Mimaki CJV150-107

    The series of printer and cutter combined

    Get your flawless banner or large scale poster fast and in top quality – with a printing area width of 1,1m.


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  • CJV150-75-side

    Mimaki CJV150-75

    The series of printer and cutter combined

    Even though it’s the smallest of the CJV-150 series -with a width of 0.8m – it’s flawless for stickers, etiquettes and POS-applications.


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