Nos Valeurs


Founded in 1944 in Zurich, Mantel Digital has a long history. Back then we focused on paper processing, but the company has continued to develop and has expanded into screen-printing technology. Today, we’re run by the third generation of family owner: Jon-Andri Mantel.

With the continuation of traditional screen printing, as a company we’re developing increasingly more in the direction of print engineering – which covers the development of printers and applications through to printer modifications.

That doesn’t mean we’re abandoning screen printing – far from it: while the market is moving away from conventional screen printers, these remain a core part of our offering.


Our many years of experience in screen printing and our richness of know-how is of immense benefit to us in today’s world of digital printing. As such, we’ve adapted to keep pace with developments and have further developed ourselves and specialised in digital printing alongside traditional screen printing.

With leading brands in our portfolio, such as Mimaki, Brother, we can offer a wide range of product solutions to industrial and advertising printers.

In addition, our Service team are able to answer any support questions with the highest level of expertise and offer professional solutions.


As a driving force, we’ve revolutionised stencil printing in terms of speed and productivity in the area of screen printing with our DataScreen solution.

Another milestone is our in-house developed digital-printing solution: DataPrint. It allows anodized aluminium to be printed with ease – perfect for façades.

Further developments and innovations are planned. We see ourselves as an innovative company as we find new solutions to the challenges facing our customers through our print-engineering service – which covers the modification of functions, provision of additional applications to the development of new products.

Thirst for adventure

It’s easy to stick to one product; however, this is not a long-term recipe for success.

At Mantel Digital AG we therefore constantly try to develop new products and find new solutions.

And even though the road ahead is often bumpy and blocked, we’re ready to take risks and utilise our resources so we get ahead and develop further – with impressive results.