Customized Solutions



Applikationsentwicklung Druckengineering

You may already own a digital printer or might be considering investing in one which you want to use to additionally perform new, specific print processes.

But will they work with your printer too?

To help you, we’ll find out how and offer you the solution with our print-engineering service – all without requiring any modification to your digital printer’s hardware or software.

You are active in an industry where you print face plates for a watchmaker.

Now, this customer asks you whether the face plates can also be printed on a specially certified film or using a special ink.

You looked at your digital printer’s specs and can’t find anything relating to this, so anxiety sets in – the customer is threatening to switch suppliers.

You’d try it yourself, if you were certain you wouldn’t damage the printer in the process. This is precisely where we can help you with our print-engineering service so a solution can be found.

We will find out for you how you can print on the film or using special ink, so you don’t lose the watchmaker as a customer!



Modifikation Druckengineering

So far, you’ve been pleased with the functions on your DataScreen, DataPrint digital printer, but now you find that you’re lacking an additional print-process function that you really need.

Do you need to invest in a second printer?

Not necessarily: thanks to our print-engineering service we’ll review your printer requirements and offer a suitable solution by modifying your printer’s hardware and software to suit your needs. This will give you a turnkey solution – specially customised for you!

Here’s an example: you print movie posters on Plexiglas for a major customer.

But now, this customer also wants printed cubes. These can only be printed as a finished cube because of their box shape and their thicker Plexiglas, which has different surface characteristics.

Specifically, this means adjusting the height of the printing table and print heads so the substrate can be printed on. To do this, you need to modify the components, such as replacing the print head and reconfiguring the software.



Neuentwicklung Druckengineering

You are an entrepreneur, visionary or specialist, and the printer you’re looking for needs to be invented first – literally!

Existing printers don’t meet your requirements neither in terms of functionality, size nor capabilities.

So, get in touch with us and through our print-engineering service we’ll work with you to find a solution to bring this new idea and these new printers to life.

And to ensure everything works perfectly, we’ll also take care of this through our print-engineering service. In the end, the aforementioned cubes get printed, the customer’s delighted and we’re happy to have happy customers!

You’ve always been fascinated by how exactly dental technologists match the colour of dentures with the surrounding teeth.

Lately, you’ve also been struck by the sheer number of people with tattoos who freely show off their eye-catching body art for all to see.

You suddenly get an idea: Why shouldn’t you also be able to print a tattoo on dentures?

With this project in mind, come to us with your denture-tattooing idea and together with you we’ll make it a reality through our print-engineering service – all true to the motto of “anything’s possible!”