Consulting and Development

All-you-need solutions for your printing requirements

Each new item of technology brings with it increased complexity

We’ll provide you with the best advice and offer you solutions which give you huge advantages in the competitive print market.

Our expert team will show you a wide range of printers and matching software, and find various solutions together with you. The same applies when it comes to selecting the right print media.

Thanks to our abundance of know-how about digital and screen printing, we can offer you pragmatic solutions which other manufacturers have never thought about – whether it comes to digital production of printing screens or the effective printing of special surfaces.

Individual tasks – nifty implementation

Got an idea? Let’s discuss it!

Our market advantage is that we can develop cutting-edge printing technology quickly and to meet every need. Besides selling printers, in recent years we’ve built up our printer development expertise in the form of our print-engineering service.

We will modify your printer to suit your requirements and even develop customised printers for you – in collaboration with you or as per your detailed development request.