Service and Maintenence

We recommend annual maintenance of your printing systems to keep your print processes running smoothly

Personal service – always here for you

Our Service team will commission and provide training on your new systems. With regular maintenance and rapid repair response times, our trained specialists will ensure that everything runs smoothly for you at all times.

Service procedure

Our service offering includes a basic inspection of all relevant components. We place particular importance on the following:

  • Replacement of wearing parts such as pumps, dumpers, the capping station, etc.
  • Mechanical inspection and, if necessary, exchange of faulty parts
  • Inspection of electronic components
  • Updating of firmware
  • Check of settings
  • Check of safety devices
  • Provision of professional advice on replacements and changes regarding the printers/systems

Servicing – so your printer runs and runs

Like other electro-mechanical devices, as they’re in constant use inkjet systems have to cope with changes to their mechanisms as well as their electronic components. The creeping process of ageing can lead to a deterioration in the quality of print output or to a complete stop, and therefore to a production outage. This process can be halted through regular servicing, which ensures production remains stable and consistent.

Besides individual services, we also offer maintenance packages with extended warranties for your Mimaki printing systems. With these packages, extensive on-site maintenance and inspection is performed on your printing systems annually for the 3-year term of the package. Get in touch with us at any time if you need further information – we’ll be delighted to help.